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Parallel Path Electromagnetic Motors

A magnetic storm is brewing at this website over "parallel path electromagnetism", described as a new technology from Flynn Research.

This is explained as a method of controlling and directing magnetic flux within the core of a motor to provide an exponentially greater motive force than conventional motors.


The promotors of this technology claim it will lead to powerful and highly-efficient electric motors.

Others say phooey. It's just another perpetual motion machine based on poor science. Sadly, this is more likely explanation.

The so-called "new" technology was patented by Flynn Research in 1998, and their website looks like it was abandoned shortly afterwards.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


Too bad there is another company ahead of them.

Completely wrong. Boeing publicly endorsed the technology in 2006 as one that works, and it was described at one of the most prestigious scientific conferences in America - STAIF. The physics is validated, replicated at the PESWIKI site, and already in mass production for select OEM customers. The simplest of internet searches reveals this information.

Well that's interesting. They seem to be quite skeptical here. And a search for "parallel path" on the Boeing website turns up zilch. In fact teh only reference to to Boeing and parallel path seems to come from dubious sites like this. Mass production for which OEM customers? Making what? Bah

I would just like to confirm the science behind the Parallel Path technology. I have built and tested numerous versions of this motor. The clamed made on Flynn's Web site are very accurate and repeatable. The claims to over unity were not made by Flynn and you will not see any on His Web site. The truth regarding Parallel Path Technology is this: The technology works and works extremely well. Boing and numerous other companies are now designing and building the next generation of motors and generators using this technology.

Joe Flynn also along with Boing presented papers at STAIF conference in February of this year. The proof to this technology has already long been established.

So I ask this: If there is nothing to it why are numerous large corporations building prototype parallel path motors and generators and why are the ARMY, AIRFORCE, and NAVY also involved in research of this technology????

I think you should do so more digging and you will find what I say here to be true.

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