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Secret Nazi magnet machine

A rather intriguing declassified 1946 British Intelligence report draws the following conclusions about Hans Coler's Stromzeuger, a magnetism based energy "producing" apparatus.

The project was reportedly supported by Hitler's Admiralty. A diagram from the report follows


Report conclusions:

1. It was judged that Coler was an honest experimenter and not a fraud, and due respect must be paid to the judgment of Frohlich in the matter as deduced from his report to Seysen.

2. The result obtained was genuine in so far as could be tested with the facilities available, but no attempt has yet been made to find an explanation for the phenomenon.

3. It is felt that further investigation by an expert in electromagnetic theory is warranted, and that Coler’s offer to construct a model of the "Stromzeuger" should be taken up.

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